Porting Information

Work is currently going on to port SQLUnit (or to just make it run on) various databases. Here is the status of the porting efforts till date. If you are running SQLUnit with databases other than those listed below, let us know, and we will add in your information as well. If you are planning to run SQLUnit with a database not listed below, you probably will have no problems. Most non-standard features (such as Oracle CURSORs, multiple resultsets in Sybase, etc) have been identified and accounted for in the SQLUnit code. In case you do have problems, however, please let us know on the forum.

Table 1. Ports of SQLUnit to different databases

Database Name (Version)PorterStatus
PostgreSQL 7.3Sujit PalComplete. PostgreSQL was used to do a proof of concept of the initial release of SQLUnit. It has been used thereafter to test new features as they are developed.
MySQL 3.4Sujit PalMySQL does not support stored procedures or functions, but it has been used to test the batch tags, the diff and the sql tags. It plays nicely with SQLUnit. MySQL will support stored functions tentatively in version 5, so we will revisit this when that happens.
OracleSahib Singh Wadhwa, Andrei Grigoriev, Sujit PalComplete, with a lot of patches and bug reports from Sahib and Andrei. Thanks to Andrei for running SQLUnit through a very thorough testing with Oracle and getting the last few Oracle CURSOR specific bugs ironed out.
Sybase ASE 12.5Sowmya Shetty, Lakshmi, Sujit PalComplete, with lots of testing support from Soumya Shetty and Lakshmi
IBM DB2Sujit PalStarted June 05, 2003. In progress. The stored procedures were written in C, the Java stored procedures had issues running under JDK 1.4. Still need to build a test suite and run them.
HSQLDB (formerly Hypersonic)Campbell Boucher-BurnettIn progress
Informix SE 7.0-Not started. This should work, but has not been tested. The test cases are available in CVS, but the JDBC driver that I had available had issues with working with PAM authentication on Linux. If someone has a working setup of Informix, then I would appreciate you running the tests and letting me know the results.
Microsoft SQL Server 2000James Henderson, Paul KingOn May 29, 2005, James contributed his suite of MS SQL Server tests that he uses to regression test SQLUnit. Earlier, on May 20, 2004, Paul reported that he has been using SQLUnit to test MS SQL Server 2000 for some time, but has not tested the LOB feature yet.
Sybase ASA 9.0.1David FishburnComplete, test suite included with distribution (test/asa/README)