Required JAR files

Table 1. JARs used by SQLUnit

Software and VersionHow it is usedLicensingURLRequiredIncluded
Java 1.4 or laterSQLUnit is written using Java 1.4_02, so you will need to install the JRE if you are just going to use it, or the JDK if you are going to do development with it.Proprietary but free for download and usehttp://java.sun.comYesNo
Ant 1.6 or laterAnt is used to build the SQLUnit package. An ant task is provided to run SQLUnit from within Ant.Apache Licensehttp://ant.apache.orgYes, although you can also just call it from the command line with java.No
JUnit 3.7 or laterSQLUnit is really a specialized JUnit test class. It is needed to run SQLUnit.Common Public License Version 1.0
JDOM 1.0 or laterSQLUnit uses JDOM to do its XML parsing and rendering.Apache Licensehttp://www.jdom.orgYesYes
Apache Log4J 1.2.8 or higherThis is used for logging in SQLUnit.Apache License
Apache Xerces-J 1.4.4Used by Canoo WebTest 
MockRunner 0.2.7SQLUnit uses this to set up and run a set of Mock tests against a Mock database that consists of method calls which are introspected.Apache style licensehttp://mockrunner.sourceforge.netNo. This is only needed if you want to run the mock test suite to make sure everything worked.Yes
Apache Commons-LangUsed by MockRunnerApache License, see above.Yes
XDoclet 1.2.1SQLUnit uses XDoclet to convert source code annotations into Docbook XML which is then included in this document.BSD Licensehttp://xdoclet.sourceforge.netNo, only needed to generate the documentation.No
Apache Jalopy 0.6.2SQLUnit uses Jalopy to provide a guide for coding conventions used in SQLUnit. Contributed code typically passes through Jalopy to get reformatted before inclusion.BSD Licensehttp://jalopy.sourceforge.netNo, only needed to reformat contributed code before submission.No
Apache Checkstyle 3.4SQLUnit uses CheckStyle to audit code style on an ongoing basis. The checks that have been configured are a union of the sun_checks.xml and BlochEffectiveJava.xml files supplied with the distribution. Some checks have been relaxed or eliminated where it did not match the coding style for SQLUnit.LGPLhttp://checkstyle.sourceforge.netYes, if you plan on making code contributions.No
JavaCC 3.2SQLUnit uses JavaCC to generate a parser for include files based on the grammar specified in the IncludeFileParser.jj.BSD License
Apache Commons JEXL 1.0SQLUnit uses JEXL as the Expression parser and evaluator for its ExpressionMatcher matcher.Apache License
Apache Commons Logging 1.0JEXL needs Apache Logging as a runtime dependency.Apache License


JAR files for open source databases, such as MySQL and PostgreSQL, which used to be supplied with the distribution, have been removed. This is because SQLUnit has shifted to using the MockRunner project to build its own mock database to run its tests instead of running them against popular databases. Users of databases already have the corresponding JDBC drivers installed, so providing them did not make much sense anyway.