SQLUnit GUI Tool

This tool was originally contributed by Mohan Iyer. Arun Viswanath has done some major rework to add many more features to this tool.

The GUI Tool is a Swing based application for generating test cases by running the stored procedure against the database. The tool will append to the capture file defined in the properties file for the application. This is a very basic tool, it does not have any elegant error handling, but it works. The original version of the tool was contributed by Mohan Iyer, who used it to generate SQLUnit test cases against an Oracle database. The tool has been changed since to be more database agnostic.

To start the tool from the command line using, you can use the ant gui command defined in the supplied build.xml file. Alternatively you can set up a batch file or shell script to include the SQLUnit and JDOM JAR files in your classpath and invoke the following command:

$ ant gui [-Dgui.rcfile=etc/guirc.properties]

Here are some screenshots of the SQLUnit GUI Tool.

Figure 1. GUI Tool Startup Screen

Figure 2. GUI Tool with data

A sample guiconfig.properties is provided in the etc directory in the distribution. Please modify it to suit your own installation.


Arun Viswanath has made many improvements to the GUI Tool, since Mohan Iyer's original contribution, and my subsequent effort to make the tool database agnostic. If you have suggestions for improvement for the GUI Tool, please let him know by posting to the forum.


Mohan Iyer envisaged that this basic Swing application could be leveraged to provide various editor plug-ins for SQLUnit. If anyone is interested in doing this, please feel free to go ahead and send me the plug-in code and I will be happy to put it in CVS and give you credit. Since I dont use IDEs myself, I will just take your word for it that the plug-in works.