Contains tools to build SQLUnit test cases.


Class Summary
GUITool The GUITool provides a GUI interface for generating SQLUnit tests.
TestDocsGenerator This class converts output XML files generated by SQLUnit using Canoo as the reporter to XHTML which can then be viewed in a browser.
ToolUtils Provides methods for common functionality used by the tools.
TransformTool The TransformTool is a XSL Transformer that converts XML files containing some or all of the information required to build a SQLUnit test file using a provided XSL stylesheet.
TUITool The TUITool is a text based program that generates the SQLUnit test element by actually running the stored procedure against the database.

Package Description

Contains tools to build SQLUnit test cases. These tools were moved from their old locations and merged into a single tools package to take advantage of code reuse possibilities.

Backward compatibility information

To those using these tools for the first time, there should be no issues at all. Each tool has an associated configuration file which can be used to predefine information such as JDBC parameters. The only changes to this file are as follows: The addition of a new indentsize property which allows you to specify how many characters per indent you want. It defaults to 2, so if thats OK, you dont need to change your properties file. The captureFile property has been renamed to capturefile so as to be in line with the similarly named property in the file. This was necessary to take advantage of the code sharing mentioned above.