Package net.sourceforge.sqlunit.reporters

Reporter plug-ins for SQLUnit.


Class Summary
CanooWebTestReporter SQLUnit Reporter that works with the Canoo Web Test framework.
EmptyReporter An empty reporter implementation.
ReporterList A IReporter that contains a list of other IReporters.
TextReporter SQLUnit reporter that writes its text to standard output.

Package net.sourceforge.sqlunit.reporters Description

Reporter plug-ins for SQLUnit. SQLUnit comes configured with the default text reporter, but provides the ability to hook in a reporter of your choice that works with your existing system. All reporter plug-ins should implement the IReporter interface, and needs to provide code that will be executed by SQLUnit for reporting.


The plug-in code was contributed largely by Rob Nielsen. He needed to use SQLUnit with Canoo, so he factored out the reporting code from SQLUnit and made it into the TextReporter, and built the CanooWebTestReporter plug-in.