Package net.sourceforge.sqlunit.test

Miscellaneous Testing classes.


Class Summary
ClassLoaderTest Testing loading with custom classloader and custom DriverManager.
ContextTest Test to check generation of MockInitialContext by MockInitialContextFactory which gets a MockDataSource hard-bound into it, and which is then looked up using context.lookup().
Dictionary This class implements a simple dictionary of name value pairs which can be populated and serialized to the database as a BLOB value.
EmbeddedCallTest Simulates calling SQLUnit embedded in Java code.
IncludeFileParserTest Runs some tests of the Include File Parser.
LOBLoader This class populates the Dictionary object for each user with a tool permission bitmap and loads these into the database.
MD5DigestionTest Tests MD5 digesting for various types of data.
ReconnectOnFailureTest Simulates an exception situation in one of the tests and checks to see if the connection is re-established.
SortingTest Some basic sorting tests to verify that the code works before I start on mock database based unit testing.
SQLUnitTestSuite Main SQLUnit test suite.
SymbolParserTest Runs some tests of the Symbol Parser.
TestingMethodsGenerator This class provides dummy methods of various kinds to test the MethodInvokerHandler and DynamicSqlHandler functionality.
TypesTest Tests for the new flexible data typing system.
VendorNameTest Tests for vendor name.

Package net.sourceforge.sqlunit.test Description

Miscellaneous Testing classes. These are JUnit test classes and some other classes that support the JUnit or the Mock test frameworks.